Vision Air America, Inc is an expert in teardown programs. We offer an array of services ranging from simple consultations to full teardown programs. One of our earlier projects included the complete and detailed teardown of two A320-300 Airbus Aircrafts – MSM 313 (Ex Onu Air), and MSN 394 (Ex Air Blue). Our latest teardown project takes on the true meaning of teardown program. Our purchase of Ex SAEMSA airlines in 2014 put 24 aircraft into our lap and with the shear size of this project we have decided to start conducting the teardowns in our own facility.

Million dollar mistakes occur when necessary precautions and instructions are not implemented. Tearing down too much or not enough quickly results in a loss of company profits. When certified professionals are not used, problems will occur including damaged/clustered components, incorrect identification, missing parts, and incomplete removal.

Don’t put your aircraft in the hands of just anyone. Consult Vision Air America, Inc. first.